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Dane Burman

No Cash Value

Zero Skateboards No Cash Value Vol. 5 features Dane Burmans show stopping last part! Watch it then go vote for him for Thrasher Magazines SOTY

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Dane Burman “Classics”

Dane Burman’s classic part from Zero Skateboards Cold War!Dane has a new part dropping very soon, can’t wait! #rolltrue

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Slugs Vault

Check out Slugs Vault via The Skateboarders Journal featuring young versions of Dane Burman, Jack Kirk and Bryce Golder! #rolltrue

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Volcom different stokes

Volcoms Australian tour section from Holy Stokes feat plenty of the Modus Bearings team via The Berrics! #rolltrue

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Dane Burman Holy Stokes

Dane Burmans part from Volcoms Holy Stokes! he also has an interview on Thrasher about the video! #rolltrue

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Davo Interviews Dane



(Davo) Your Insta account leads me to believe that you are living overseas permanently now? Is that an accurate guess and how are you finding it? (I am just asking this because as a person who has lived OS for a long period of time, I found that I was ridiculously homesick sometimes.)


(Dane) Yes I am. Full time in long beach California. It’s cool. Easy, fun. Very much in the hub of skateboarding. You really feel it here. There’s always a bunch of people wanting to skate and be somewhat productive. In Sydney before I left it was feeling real dead. Waterloo every day with Jake and Cody was fun but stagnant. So now I’m in Long Beach, and Jake and Cody are staying here. Haha.


(Davo) I also think I saw some kind of flash car on there too…. what is it? It’s a big change from that one you had here, the one you and Stipo did the home spray job on. You once told me a gnarly story about that old car and a young lady…. I don’t know if Brett needs to know about that one…


(Dane) I have an 07 BMW. Not that flash but it is the first nice thing I’ve owned ever haha. I’m sick of it though. Haha. I don’t like caring about a car. I wanna crash into stuff and drive up and down gutters and make pole jams and wallie the car when I skate past it. So I recently bought a crown victoria. Which is an ex cop car. Its perfect for what I really want. And I’m putting the BMW up for sale.


(Davo) Social media still…you seem to really be on the ball with that stuff. Liking things and replying to people’s comments…you spend a lot of time on the phone? Smashed many skating?

God I suck at this…


(Dane) Never broken an iphone skating. Haha I’ve gotten lucky with it. I dunno I’ve always been pretty stuck on my phone. Ever since I got a Nokia 5110 and started texting girls haha. So now that being glued to my phone is genuinely beneficial to my “career” I’m pretty thankful for my years of practice.


(Davo) We should plug the new shoe for sure; that’s got to be a winner. Does it feel trippy now having a shoe? I can’t even begin to imagine that one…your mum must be stoked? Skate shoe design has simplified so much in the last decade, gone back to way more functional stuff…. how much work went into your new shoe?


(Dane) Haha sure why not? What’s this for again? The Modus website? Umm yeah my fallen shoe the DOA is out now. I’m really happy with it. I was really worried it’d come out and I couldn’t skate in it haha, but they’re amazing. I haven’t skated in anything but those since I got the samples. I love them. Haha. They listened to everything I wanted in a shoe and really took all of my suggestions and wants and needs from the shoe and that’s what we came up with. And it’s a pretty surreal feeling every day putting your shoes on to go skate and seeing your name on the tongue. It’s really something I never really saw as a possibility when I first got on Fallen, so to have that now is really fucking cool.


(Davo) I like the cut or don’t cut aspect of it too, your idea?


(Dane)Yeah that was my idea. I pitched it to Jamie a few years back. And he wasn’t too sure about it, but when he said he wanted me to start thinking of ideas for a shoe and I brought that up again and we went for it and we both decided it’d be pretty cool.


Dane Burman Gets Serious from Modus Bearings on Vimeo.

(Davo) I was at the park recently and I heard kids talking about you, it was unreal. They were having a full debate as to whether or not you smoked weed…it was pretty funny. The stoner kids logic was that if you were totally stoned you would be mellow grinding those big rails and not panic…lets just clear that one up, still off the bongs? Reckon you could grind a rail stoned…? Sounds hard as fuck to me.


(Dane) Definitely don’t smoke weed still. And if I ever did it wouldn’t be smoking bongs. I hate bongs. They’re so gross. The smell of them and everyone sucking em all day and sharing them around. Makes me feel really uneasy. The last time I was high was soooo long ago, maybe 6 or 7 years ago. And I ate some brownies. And there’s not a chance in hell I was gonna be grinding shit the way it made me feel.


(Davo ) While the stoner kids were arguing, I didn’t say anything, but my other mate was like “Ask him, he has Danes snake!”. One of them straight up called bullshit…. as if. Can you please just fix that one for me too…. nobody believes me.


(Dane) Haha yeah, I gave murphy to you, stoked that worked out. And I’m super happy the little guys love him. It’s a good thing for them too, to learn to respect snakes, especially growing up where you guys are now after coming from Japan. Thank you so much for caring for the little guy.


(Davo) Might as well keep going with that…. you are big on the nature stuff. Always been into it?


(Dane) Always, ever since I was a little dude, I loved snakes and lizards and just all of Australia’s native fauna really. As a kid I wanted to be a herpetologist so through high school I did biology and stuff to set myself up for that possibility after high school, but then skating kinda took over… Haha


(Davo) I have people who won’t even come to my place now because of Murphy. I was trying to explain to them that it’s just the fear of the unknown…and that a household cat is probably more dangerous, in terms of getting scratched and whatnot. Anything out there in nature that freaks you out?


(Dane) Nope, nothing freaks me out. But I hate cats and people. Haha. Cats suck. They just kill everything maliciously and they aren’t even cool pets at all. Aren’t affectionate or loyal. Fuck cats. And fuck people. Haha


(Davo) Where did Murphy come from actually? What prompted that one? (You know my sons are quite attached to him now and if you want him back you will have to take him from two small crying asians…. good luck with that.)


(Dane) Hahaha I don’t think I’ll be back permanently for a little while. So the kids are safe with their pet snake. I got it from an ex gf. She knew I loved snakes and she knew someone that bred them and got him for me. Somewhat under the table kinda deal.


(Davo) Any pets at the moment in the US?


(Dane)I have a veiled chameleon here. She’s gorgeous, higher maintenance than a snake though. I wish I could feed her once a month and she be ok with it haha. I always have to find people to feed her crickets when I go away and stuff. It gets hard.


(Davo) I guess some skating stuff…. so Zero is fucking gnarly, and you are like one of the top gnarly dudes at Zero, in regards to just grinding down and jumping off ridiculous shit. When you go skate now, do people just expect you to go ham wherever you are like some kind of maniac? On tour do kids want to take you to a 60 stair triple kinked rail as soon as they meet you…?


(Dane)Yeah, of course. Every trip we go on we end up in a random town at the biggest, worst rails you’ve ever seen telling us “No one has ever hit this!” Hahah, its like, “No shit dude, this thing is fucked, you’re an idiot” hahahahaha.


(Davo) This sounds dumb as shit, but do you ever get scared? I don’t even know how to put it, because I never skate that stuff…. does missing even enter your mind?


(Dane)Of course it does, but that’s the best. I love being scared. You gotta use that to get you your kicks haha. I always think about missing. But you always fuck up most when you doubt yourself. So the less hesitation you have the better the outcome. Generally.


(Davo) So Zero has just moved over to Dwindle, much of a change for you? Maybe you can go on tour with Daewon soon…that would be sick.


(Dane)Hasn’t made a difference for me. Same shape boards, just different wood I guess. I usually ride my boards until they’re pretty fucked anyways so by the time I put on a new one its always going to feel amazing and I forget what it felt like when I put the old one on. So switching from the old wood to new wood didn’t even register.




(Davo) Ok, so here is a hypothetical one for you…I am a mystery benefactor, and I am going to give you a million bucks, no strings attached, to do an Aussie version of like what Flip did. You can pick five Aussie skaters to take to the States and take over…. who would you take and why?


(Dane) Jake Hayes, just because he’s the best, great style, can do really fucked up hard tricks and he does them all higher and bigger than anyone I know.

Nik Stipanovic, because of his all around rippingness, shreds rails, tranny and can flip the fuck out of his board down whatever but can still flip into ledges when he’s feeling it. And he looks cool as shit on a skateboard.

Dean palmer, because someone needs make sure everyone in the world knows Dean. People still don’t know and they’re all missing out.

Callum Paul, because every company needs that guy that is out of this world on a skateboard but annoys the shit out of everyone to the point of them never getting full accepted and having that mystery about them to keep the world talking

Davo, because really, what board company doesn’t have a washed up legend still on the roster. Hahaha


(Davo) Great. I definitely won’t be going on that tour. Maybe you can take Kaito, you saw that Zero graphic he did right…? Very disappointing..


(Dane) Yeah I’ll put him in the art department. We can have anime graphics of hot chicks being raped and squirting milk out their titties and stuff, real traditional Japanese. Oh wait Hook Ups already did that.


(Davo) So, your mate Kyle (@killdie) makes some crazy looking art stuff…. you ever help him find dead creatures?


(Dane)I have for sure, there were a few times we headed out early mornings and drove down the M5 looking for fresh road kill to skin, started hacking up kangaroos, but wherever they’ve had trauma to their bodies is pretty gross and unsalvageable. The odd owl and bat are great finds though. I also went and took taxidermy classes with him and learned how to do that which was super fun.


(Davo) And you guys run Sock Posse right? Is that bringing in that Lambo money?


(Dane)Yep, that’s Kyle and I, also really fun. And we aren’t making a cent, but we are learning a lot and loving doing this for our friends and having a solid go at it. At the end of the day if we break even then that’s winning in my books.


(Davo) You’ve been on Modus for ages now…how and when did you get on? I don’t remember getting the memo about that one?


(Dane) Ummm, I don’t really remember exactly when, but I went on a mini Hoon run type of trip with Cuzza maybe ten years ago… maybe eight, I dunno. A while back, but after the trip I think Cuzza put in the word and got me some bearings, then a little while later I think I had the first Modus ad with actual skateboarding in it… Haha. As far as I know it was always portraits until I had a sequence of a tailslide kickflip on a bump to ledge down a driveway.


 (Davo) Wow, ledge guy over here. I saw that ad actually while I was away.


Anyway Dane, thanks for taking the time to answer my stupid, questions, please don’t harass me too much next time I see you…

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Slam Skateboarding Magazine


New Slam Skateboard Magazine is out now! Featuring Aussies in the USA with heaps of Modus Bearings team riders involved! #rolltrue

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Dane Burman


Dane Burman getting really really gnarly once again! Photo Jake Darwen via Thrasher Magazine contents page. #rolltrue

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Dane Burman Caveman

Dane Burman gets in touch with his primal rail instincts at The Berrics #rolltrue

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Dane Burman Bangin


Dane Burman comes through with a Banging, Bangin over at The Berrics. #Rolltrue

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