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Morgan Campbell

Adidas Away Days Melbourne

The Skateboarders Journal and Adidas coverage of the “AWAY DAYS” premier in Melbourne #rolltrue

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Perth Arms

“PA1″ filmed and edited by Quentin Guthrie features plenty of Modus Bearings heads including Harry Clark, Morgan Campbell, Casey Foley,Eugene Stewart, Geoff Campbell and Alex Campbell.

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Butter Goods “IRIE”

Modus heads Alex Campbell, Morgan Campbell, Phil Marshall and Casey Foley rip in this new video by Butter Goods.

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Flinders rail remix

Morgan Campbell has written an article for Kingpin regarding the Flinders St Station Gold Rail in Melbourne City. The video features  footage of Modus Bearings team riders Dane Burman, Gabriel Summers, Nick Boserio, Tommy Fynn in amongst an array of legendary tricks which have gone down. #rolltrue

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10 longest 5050s

Kingpin Magazine have an article on the 10 longest 5050s written by an OG team rider Morgan Campbell. Modus team rider Dane Burman at 5.15 and another Modus OG Cale Nuske at 1.52 get their grinds mentioned.

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Video Vault: Morgan Campbell

Head over to SBA to read Andrew Currie’s words regarding Morgan’s 1997 video part from Momentum Skate Shops “Theory of Balance”.

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Morgan Campbell for Butter Goods

Morgan Campbell for Butter Goods from Butter Goods on Vimeo.

Modus Bearings rider Morgan Campbell has recently collaborated with the good crew at Butter Goods on a capsule as a part of their Spring Range. This clip is a retrospective from some footage filmed over the past 23 yrs. Ripping.

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It’s Good To Be 4th

4th Place from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

The guys at The 4 Skateboard Company have just released their latest clip “4th Place”. It’s a pearler and features Modus Bearings riders Harry Clark, Mike Martin & Morgan Campbell.

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Dave Chami’s Website

Dave Chami’s new website is now live, it features a large array of amazing photos including many of Modus team riders.

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Morgan Campbell: ABC- Rush TV



Modus Bearing team rider Morgan Campbell has a feature interview on Rush TV on the ABC.


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