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No Ca$h Value

Modus Bearing team riders Nick Boserio and Dane Burman have been hard at it filming for the new Zero Skateboards video “NO CA$H VALUE!”

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Tommy Fynn is Pro!


Congratulations Tommy Fynn for recently turning Pro for Stereo Skateboards and releasing a banging part to go with it. Watch it at The Berrics!

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10 longest 5050s

Kingpin Magazine have an article on the 10 longest 5050s written by an OG team rider Morgan Campbell. Modus team rider Dane Burman at 5.15 and another Modus OG Cale Nuske at 1.52 get their grinds mentioned.

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Leo Sharp interview


Modus Bearing team rider Andrew Brophy pops up with this Switch Ollie in Petersburg in Leo Sharp’s A Breif Glance interview. Make sure you get toLeo’s website for more amazing photos.

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Sylvain Tognelli in Eleventh Hour

Modus Bearing team rider Sylvain Tognelli has just had his part from the independent London skate video Eleventh Hour by Jacob Harris has been uploaded to the web. It also has a montage of the ISLE team afterwards.

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Rowan Zorilla


Modus Bearing team rider Rowan Zorilla has a rad interview over at Vans.

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Modus Bearings team rider Fernando Bramsmark shows his ATV ability in this UK Nike Tour.

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America Distribution


We are proud to announce #modusbearings is now available across the America through Eastern Skateboard Supply & Permanent Dist

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Transworld Sightings

sylvain-tognelli-pivot-modus-bearings-best-fastest-quality-transworld-skateboarding alex-lawton-tailslide-modus-bearings-best-fastest-quality-transworld-skateboardig nick-boserio-5050-modus-bearings-best-fastest-quality-transworld-skateboarding nick-boserio-ollie-modus-bearings-best-fastest-quality-transworld-skateboardingjake-hayes-kickflip-modus-bearings-best-fastest-quality-transworld-skateboardingModus Bearing team riders Sylvain Tognelli, Alex lawton, Nick Boserio and Jake Hayes have all featured in Transworld Skateboarding Sightings over the last couple of months!

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Shanghai Organ Snatchers


Modus Bearing team riders Jack Kirk, Bryce Golder, Alex Lawton, Gabriel Summers and Matt Reilly feature in a new clip by the ruthless videographer Geoff Campbell for Slam Skate Mag.

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