Modus Bearings

AH in Israel

Modus Bearing team rider Grant Taylor destroys in Anti Hero’s latest video “Moigle Splatter” which is playing live at Thrasher Magazine #rolltrue

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K-TERP What Youth


Kevin Terpening has a rad interview over at What Youth discussing his dogs bday,his life on flow to how he ended up on FUCKING AWESOME and HUF

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Chewy Cannon

Chewy Cannon’s raw Blueprint Sponsor-Me tape a
Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

Sidewalk Magazine has uploaded the sponsor tape used by Chewy Cannon to get the attention of Dan Magee and Paul Shier of Blueprint fame prior to the release of Lost and Found in 2005. #rolltrue

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Cliche “Gypsy Life”

Sammy Winter and Andrew Brophy will be in Cliche Skateboards latest video offering “Gypsy Life”.Check the trailer.

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Grant taylor Burnout

grant-taylor-fs-air-1-modus-bearing-best-fastest-quality grant-taylor-fs-air-modus-bearing-best-fastest-quality grant-taylor-boneless-modus-bearing-best-fastest-quality
Grant Taylor destroys this backyard mini ramp with his homies in a heavy session. plenty more photos of Grant taken by Burnout via Thrasher. #rolltrue

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Flinders rail remix

Morgan Campbell has written an article for Kingpin regarding the Flinders St Station Gold Rail in Melbourne City. The video features  footage of Modus Bearings team riders Dane Burman, Gabriel Summers, Nick Boserio, Tommy Fynn in amongst an array of legendary tricks which have gone down. #rolltrue

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Andrew Brophy First Look

Andrew Brophy has the latest first look over at Thrasher with his Cliche team mate Pete Eldridge. #rolltrue

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Jack Fardell Welcome to Adidas

Jack Fardell battles some infamous SF spots in his welcome to Adidas part which is playing live at Thrasher Magazine now. #rolltrue

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Fardell Firing Line

Jack Fardell makes this line in SF’s favourite park Potero look way too easy! Via Thrasher. #Rolltrue

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Jackson Pilz Dadcam 3

Jackson Pilz approaches skating in a very unique way. Check out his part from DADCAM 3! #rolltrue

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