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John Rattray : Photographic Memory


Modus Bearing team rider John Rattray has a Photographic Memory over at Transworld.

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Dane Burman The Skateboard Mag Cover

Modus Bearing team rider Dane Burman has the cover of Issue 127 of The Skateboard Mag.

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Oski Firing Line

Modus Bearing team rider Oskar Rozenburg has a firing line over at Thrasher.

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Grants new truck


Modus Bearing team rider Grant Taylor has a new signature Independent truck in their new catalogue.

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Cale Nuske BFFS Part 2

More Behind the French Fred Scenes with Modus OG Cale Nuske in the midst of his Euro destruction.

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Cale Nuske: Behind the Scenes

Cale Nuske is a Modus Bearings OG. Way to gnarly for his own body multiple knee surgeries held back his killing spree from the early 2000′s. Luckily French Fred has made a Behind the Scenes dedicated to how gnarly he is! Check the behind the scenes then be sure to watch his part from “Bon Appetit”


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Modus Bearing team riders Dennis Durrant, Tommy Fynn, Alex Lawton and Joel McIlroy feature in this “Whiplash” edit by FOG.

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New Geoff Campbell Montage

Modus Bearing team riders Bryce Golder, Jack Kirk, Dane Burman and Jason Rainbird all feature in this new clip by Geoff Campbell for

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Modus Bearings Portfolio Clip

MODUS BEARINGS – PORTFOLIO CLIP 2013 from Modus Bearings on Vimeo.

Did you see our Portfolio clip from late 2013?

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Josh Pall


Modus Bearing team rider Josh Pall popped up on the Nike SB Australia page with this FS Feeble grind in Brisbane.

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